Vong Village’s young rice

Com Lang Vong is a Vietnamese specialty dishes in general and a famous specialty of Hanoi in particular.

Cốm là gì? Cách bảo quản cốm tươi, mua cốm làng Vòng ở đâu ngon?

This is a typical product of Vong village (Hau village), now Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi.

Com is made from yellow flower sticky rice, which is round, glossy, big and firm.

There are two crops of glutinous rice a year, but the best sticky rice is harvested in autumn from July to October of the lunar calendar.

So, fresh com which bought in autumn has the best delicious taste in a year time.

The rice is harvested, will be transported to home, washed then put in a pot to roast until it has been well cooked.

The hot roasted com must be pounded immediately to retain soft.

After that, com are wrapped in lotus leaves and ready to be sold.

Com are green, flexible, fragant and have a light sweet taste.

Fresh Com can be eaten immediately, or eaten with bananas or drunk with tea is the best.

Cách Làm Món Chuối mốc chấm cốm rang của Bếp của Quỳnh - Cookpad

From com, people can also make many other delicious dishes such as xoi com, cha com, and banh com…

2 cách nấu chè cốm đậu xanh ngọt mát – thơm dịu nhẹ

Com can be used in ancestor worship, in weddings – engagements, pagodas or gifts for people far away…

You can buy com lang Vong at Vong village, online shopping from these shop: Huy Linh, Co Man, Khanh Huyen… or street vendors. Price from 250.000 to 280.000 per kg.

Please share your impressions while tasting com below!

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