My sunday in Hanoi

I have lived and worked in Hanoi for 2 years now.

Today, follow me to see how my Sunday is!

I woke up at 6am, ate some cake and did yoga at home for 1 hour.

Today the weather was very nice so I decided to eat out for breakfast and having some coffee.

I would eat pho – Pho Thin – CT9 My Dinh for breakfast. (This area has a lot of Korean people living)

Phở Thìn - Mỹ Đình ở Quận Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội |

Pho Thin is quite close my place and the quality of the food is also very good.

In Korea, I usually have meal at home with my family in the morning, but in Vietnam, I hardly have breakfast at home.

There are many choices for breakfast: Pho, banh mi, bun cha, dumplings,…

I have never seen any places where I can buy the food easily. It’s convenient and also delicious.

After breakfast, I would stop by Starbucks at The Garden to buy a cup of coffee to bring to class.

I had a Vietnamese class at 10 a.m. at Hanoi Academy in CT4, but I usually arrive early for my teacher to review previous lessons for me, before the regular class – that’s what I like best here.

Vietnamese is not easy, but the teachers are very dedicated and cheerful, so I feel very comfortable going to academy

At the end of class at 11:30 am, I stayed and talked for a bit with teacher Ngoc Linh – the teacher who reviewed my lessons.

To me, a teacher is not only a teacher, she is like a little friend, she is always happy.

It’s almost 12pm! So hungry.

I went down to Cha Cha Cha restaurant right at the first floor of the building – Where I learned Vietnamese – It was convenient.

Không có mô tả ảnh.

I had an appointment with a friend to have lunch here. This place serves very delicious grilled meat, the staff is very friendly.

However, it is quite crowded here, so please reserve a table before coming there. We decided to go home after having lunch.

At 2pm, I had an appointment for Coca go to the pet spa. Take advantage of Coca at the Spa, I would go to a nail salon nearby.

Wandering around for a while, I went to pick up Coca and how beautiful she was after taking shower. (Here is the result)

In the evening, I had an appointment with my friend to eat at “Quan Ngon” in Hoan Kiem district to eat Vietnamese dishes.

Top 23 quán ăn ngon ở Sài Gòn được yêu thích nhất -

Here a variety of dishes from the North to the South of Vietnam

The space is also very large and the decoration is eye-catching.

So full, I really like Vietnamese pancakes called “Bánh Xèo”, It looks delicious.

After eating, I moved on to a large church cafe near Hoan Kiem Lake to chat with friends.

Nhà Thờ Lớn Hà Nội nằm ở đường nào | Viet Fun Travel

It is revealed that the 2nd floor is the ideal place to see everything around the church. The night view here is very nice.

I love this atmosphere here. I wish I could sit here forever. “Just kidding”. It’s too late. I’m leaving!.
So my Sunday is over.

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