Vegetarian culture in Vietnam

Vegetarian culture in Vietnam.

Hi guys, it’s Linh again. Do you know the vegetarian culture of Vietnamese people? Let’s learn more about this culture. As far as I know, the vegetarians in Vietnam are mostly Buddhists.

This reason for choosing a vegetarianism is completely different from Western countries.

In the West, people reduce their consumption of animal products because it’s good for their health, helps the environment, or shows love for animals. There are 2 popular forms of vegetarianism in Vietnam. The first one is called a permanent vegan diet – that is, eating only plant-based foods, some people can still eat foods with eggs or dairy. Vegans are usually Buddhist monks and nuns

Ăn thịt thà nhiều cũng chán, mùng 1 đầu tháng "đổi gió" với loạt cơm chay nhìn thôi đã thấy đói

The second form – they eliminate all food from animals in the meals on the 1st., 14th, 15th and 30th of the lunar calendar.  In Vietnam,vegetarianism is follow according to the habit of praying for happiness and peace. For example, if someone has big business contracts, is about to have an important surgery, or is suffering from some illness, they will pray to the Buddha, hoping to be healthy, everything will go smoothly, go well. They will practice vegetarianism for a certain period of time to show their appreciation for the Buddha’s assisstance.

Đức Phật có phủ nhận việc cầu nguyện?

This is part of a Buddhist’s spiritual life. Most Vietnamese people are influenced by this culture. So it’s not difficult to find vegetarian restaurants. On the 15th and 1st lunar days of every month, vegetarian restaurants are always crowded and bustling.TOP 10 Quán Chay Quận 2 Ngon, Nổi Tiếng Nhất Tại Sài Gòn

I am a Buddhist and follow the 2nd form of vegetarianism – practicing vegetarianism for 4 days in 1 month on the 14th, 15th, 30th and 1st lunar calendar to pray for peace and health for my family. Have you ever tried a vegetarian diet? Let me know what you think!

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