The book English Grammar In Use will give you with basic to advanced grammar knowledge and importantly, a very scientific presentation of knowledge so that learners can easily absorb their knowledge. For those of you who are starting to learn and need to learn from the simplest knowledge, this is a good choice for you.

English grammar in use


The book is designed according to the system with full knowledge of English grammar from basic to advanced, divided into 145 grammar topics.


  1. Present and past (Unit 1 – 6)

  2. Present perfect and past (Unit 7- 18)

  3. Future tense (Unit 19 – 25)

  4. Modals verb (Unit 26 – 37)

  5. If and wish (Unit 38 – 41)

  6. Passive voice (Unit 42 – 46)

  7. Reported speech (Unit  47 – 48)

  8. Questions and auxiliary verbs (Unit 49 – 52)

  9. Ing and to (Unit 53 – 68)

  10. Articles and nouns (Unit 69 – 81)

  11. Pronouns and determinersRelative clause (Unit 82 – 91)

  12. Relative Clauses (Unit 92 – 97)

  13. Adjective and adverbs (Unit 98 – 112)

  14. Conjunctions and prepositions (Unit 113 – 120)

  15. Preposition (Unit 121 – 136)

  16. Phrasal verbs (Unit 137 – 145)


All the table of contents will give you an overview of English grammar.

➤ Each lesson has specific examples and analysis so that learners can clearly understand the grammar and how to use it correctly and correctly while learning.

Book overview

The book English Grammar in Use is written by author Raymond Murphy and printed and published by Cambridge University Press.

The book is a self-study and grammar practice material for learners at the Intermediate level (corresponding to 4.5-5.5 IELTS). In the preface, the author wrote about the goal of the book as follows:

Details of the book

Book structure

The book is divided into 145 units, each unit will focus on one knowledge (point) of grammar, some of which will be longer than one unit.


Each unit will be divided into 2 pages, the first page explains the knowledge and examples, and the second page is an exercise to apply the grammar you have just learned.

review-sach-english-grammar-in-use-trinh-do-intermediate-2 review-sach-english-grammar-in-use-trinh-do-intermediate-3

At the end of the book, the author give learners with exercises to synthesize and combine grammar knowledge so that learners can test their own knowledge.


Detailed content of a unit

Each unit will be divided into 2 parts: theory and practice exercises.
=> The title of each unit will be a grammar topic and there is a small example in brackets right next to the title to help learners easily recognize that grammar knowledge.

The advantages and the disadvantages of the book

* The advantages

  • Very detailed explanation of grammar knowledge is suitable for learners who want to self-study and learn grammar by themselves.
  • Focusing on examples more than formulas makes it easier for learners to apply grammar in writing and speaking.
  • Fully state the cases, note when using grammar, help readers use the grammar correctly.
  • There are always accompanying exercises to help learners practice using the grammar they have just learned.

* The disadvantages

  • Not for all levels, only for intermediate level and up.
  • The book is relatively long and includes a large amount of knowledge, not for learners who want to learn briefly or have a need to learn quickly.
  • The book is written in English so learners may find it difficult to read the grammar explanations of the book.


Through the above article, the author hopes that readers have had enough information about the book English Grammar in Use and how to use this book effectively. From there, build yourself an effective grammar review schedule.

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