In recent years, parents have paid much attention to their children learning English from a young age and learning about methods and curriculum for their children. So surely, parents cannot ignore the Oxford Phonics World pronunciation curriculum with 5 levels. Parents and Hanoi L&C Academy learn about this book series.

1. Introduce Oxford Phonics World

Who is Oxford Phonics World using for?

This set of books is for children 3-6 years old or children who are just exposed to English for the first time.

What books does Oxford Phonics World include?

The set of books includes 5 Levels, from level 1- level 5. Each level will include textbooks + video + audio + workbooks + games + software that will help children develop skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Spelling. Thereby, the child’s ability to receive a new language and communicate at a basic level will be developed.

The book of  Oxford Phonics World  has accurate, systematic and simple content, each knowledge point is clearly arranged, the learning content is divided into 5 levels, each level is divided into 8 units to Learn about 25-40 pronunciation rules. The book includes more than 150 pronunciation rules. For each pronunciation rule, there are easy-to-understand explanations and fun instructional exercises.

The book has a simple, tight structure, increasing difficulty, and is easy to use, so it has gained a great reputation and resonance among parents and English teachers.

2. Why should pronunciation learners choose the Oxford Phonics World textbook?

Firstly, when buying the Oxford Phonics World pronunciation lesson, we must mention the book’s design: eye-catching, fun colors that attract children at first sight.

Secondly, the design of lessons according to each level, level is very logical and extremely scientific, helping children to visualize and remember the lesson better.

Third, for each lesson in the Oxford Phonics World curriculum, children not only learn about pronunciation, but also the words and rhymes they learn, accompanied by common sentence patterns, very close to children so that they can both grasp the pronunciation of words, and use sentence patterns and grammar structures to help them create good habits when using English.

Fourth, out of all the fancy phonics on the market, Oxford Phonics World is the most recommended because of its simplicity and practicality. In addition, for each lesson in the Oxford Phonics World series, children not only learn about pronunciation, but also words and rhymes, but they also learn along with each common sentence pattern, very close to the words. children so that they can both grasp the pronunciation of words, and apply sentence patterns and grammatical structures to help them create good habits when using English. (The logical route of each lesson will be: learn from “letter pronunciation → letter combination pronunciation → words → simple sentences → whole sentences.” Master vocabulary through spelling, copying and receiving For children who already have a good foundation in English, parents can let them practice more skills in reading short passages.)

Fifth, each textbook is designed with a workbook – accompanying exercise book for children to practice their knowledge in the best way.

For those who are just starting to interact with English, this is a suitable set of textbooks for the kids. However, the orientation in learning English in the first days is very important so that children can properly acquire knowledge and standardize international English. The Philippines will be a right choice for your children’s first day of learning English.

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